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    Singapore office
    By opening an office in Singapore back in 2021
    we are signaling our growth ambitions in the APAC region.
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    Trusted by the best
    Our client base are asset managers, private equity firms, and hedge funds
    managing more than USD 35 trillion in assets,
    representing a 35% market share of the world's largest 500 managers.
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    Salesforce appexchange program partner
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    London office
    By opening an office in London back in 2021
    we are signaling our growth ambitions in the UK market.
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    Trusted by users worldwide
    Users of our online market intelligence are located in 54 cities, 17 countries,
    10 time zones and 4 continents around the globe.
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    Our mission
    Simply, to save our clients’ time, money and “nerves”,
    and to empower them through comprehensive and accurate data and information.
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    AIMSE Europe
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    Our digital services
    Cloud-based consultant relations intelligence via our
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    Our DNA
    An independent service provider of data and market intelligence
    on truly institutional investment consultants.

Outlook on the asset management industry

According to Ted Levitt, Professor at the Harvard Business School, the future belongs to people who see possibilities before they become obvious.1 Asset management is a virtual business, but operates within a relatively low-tech infrastructure.2 Asset managers are behind the curve on embracing new technology.3 There are some game changers that will redefine the industry, having it entering the 21st Century.2 The most likely source of disruption will come from social media or technology companies.2 By 2020, technology will have become mission critical to drive client engagement, data mining on prospects, and operational efficiency as well.2 Digital technologies and data innovation are quickly transforming operational aspects of asset management, becoming sources of competitive advantage.4 By 2020 most global asset managers will have a Chief Digital Officer (CDO).2

Our vision

For a business to thrive in institutional asset and pensions management, we all have to look ahead, understand and anticipate the trends and forces mentioned above which will shape the future. Only this way we can move swiftly in preparation for what’s to come and stay successful in meeting objectives. This awareness is the basis of our vision for creating value added services. Investment consulting is globally an integral part of institutional asset management, and institutional investors’ need for financial advice is growing. Consequently, the need for market intelligence tailored to the needs of this sector is also growing. Our purpose is to explore the investment consulting sector from all perspectives in order to be the global leading provider of in-depth research on this important market segment. In this respect our vision is to be the preferred partner and the benchmark resource as a data and intelligence provider in consultant relations.

Our mission

Our mission is to measure and calibrate the investment consulting business globally in order to enhance market transparency to the benefit of all stakeholders in institutional asset management. It’s about market intelligence that is relevant for the decision-making process and therefore of highly practical benefit. Our activities are designed to add value by making hard-to-find information accessible and accelerate the consultant relationship process. Asset managers rely on our insight to power their consultant relationship management IQ, boost business development, sales, revenues, and ultimately profit. Institutional investors benefit from the services by receiving full market transparency, being of high value in finding the best fitting investment consultant and for pricing negotiations. Investment consultants use our services for competitor watch, strategic planning, and M&A activities. Explore more …

1 Levitt, T. (1983) The Globalization of Markets, Harvard Business Review, May/June; 2 PWC (2014) Asset Management 2020 – A Brave New World; 3 KPMG (2014) Investing in the Future; 4 The Boston Consulting Group/BCG (2014) Global Asset Management – Steering the Course to Growth.

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